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Stage 1: Product Ideation

Launch offers product design, market research and diverse consulting services that help you turn your idea into a manufacturable product.

Areas of expertise: CAD and Drafting, IP and Prior Art, Engineering Analysis (CAE), Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design

Stage 2: Protyping

Launch provides design reviews, prototyping and project management that helps you get your product made quickly and efficiently, using the best methods available.

Areas of expertise: Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Supplier Sourcing, Contract Mediation, NDA Implementation

Stage 3: Refinement

Launch has the resources to test, refine and perfect your design so you go into the manufacturing phase with a product optimized for cost and function.

Areas of expertise: Test Plan and Specifications, Sourcing of Relevant Test Facilities or Machines, Failure/Part Analysis, Cost Reductions Review

Stage 4: Manufacturing

Launch’s experienced team will support you through the critical transition from prototyping to successful market implementation.

Areas of expertise: Supplier Sourcing, Design for Manufacturing, Process Optimization


● Forming / Stamping
● Forging (Cold & Hot)
● Roll forming
● Thermoforming

● Coining
● SPM (Sintered Powdered Metal)
● Die Casting
● Precision Machining
● Welding (MIG, Resistance, Laser)

● Laser cutting
● Plating
● Injection Moulding
● Additive Manufacturing (Plastics and Metal)
● In-die assembly

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